Saturday, March 5, 2011

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One thing they have in common (and the only) my neighbor's wedding to the future "Queen of England" is the secrecy with which the bride keeps her wedding dress, my tesoroooooo .....
addition to clothing, one of the things that are being considered is who will design your shoes, and so these are, ummmm to see Manolo Blahnik .... Giuseppe Zanotti ..... go dilemma because you do both you who can! That is not going to change that face (it's not like me .. ..... that gesture, "Rabicano": said in the vernacular of my home)

Giuseppe Zanotti, the sexiest shoe designer,

the wild side

and romantic sweetest part

Manolo Blahnik, designer tireless, inexhaustible in ideas

And now comes the big news, Manolo Blanhik was the creator exclusive shoes for the musical "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" has even made a giant representation of them, decorating the bus carrying the three protagonists drags queens.

And even March 12 will be drawn from the public to attend to see the passes before the Palace Theatre in New York, 12 gift cards worth 700 dollars to buy at his shop in Manhattan, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, 700 may dollars can only buy the buckles on the shoes, but I made me a necklace with them.

PV Collection 2011

Well, as my mother says "put your feet on the ground Carmen", but if I get but with Manolos would see the world differently, higher insurance and no plastic smell copies of White, I and I'm content just to try them, and if not, to find work!

like every weekend JOB:

CORTEFIEL GROUP: Assistant / a Cortefiel to Valencia

; Grant Marketing Women's Secret, Barcelona

Retail Sector independent surveyor, Madrid

; ; Marketing Grant Cortefiel, Madrid

Buyer SPF Woman, Madrid

; Freelance interior designer, Madrid

Visual Merchandiser International Madrid

Window dresser, Sevilla

L'OREAL: Head of Communication and Public Relations, Madrid

MASSIMO DUTTI Designer Flat / Dressing, Tordera

Web Graphic Tordera

G-STAR RAW Retail Senior Account Manager, Barcelona

Designer STRADIVARIUS Lavados to China does this is by God?, explain it to me ; someone, Manresa
; pattern-Senior, Manresa

you have luck (and do not stop dreaming .. . manolossssss)

photos: giussepezanotti, manoloblahnik


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