Tuesday, March 8, 2011

M Jak Milosc -aktorzy


I'm not a journalist, or photographer, and fashion expert, and if I think about sometimes do not even know what I want but what if I have clear is that I do not want it.

When I go shopping, I only see clothes, even if I need it or not but at that moment that I prefer a shirt that I have been in love since I have seen, no, no pienso en quien esta detrás, pero no solo en el diseñador  que la ha hecho, tampoco en el país subdesarrollado donde esta hecha y donde pagan 3 euros al mes por coser esa camiseta que tanto me ha gustado, es cierto no soy perfecta   ¡¡y me encanta ir de tiendas!!!!

ayer hubiesen caido estas cuatro ¡¡fijo!! ayy si yo fuera rica.....se me olvidaba, son de ZARA

y de las Low cost branded T-shirts to high

PV LONGCHAMP, beautiful green, tan and luxury that hippie

Like advertising, without advertising, I see the pictures and I'm spellbound, watching the colors, shapes and light, clothing, not the range of colors used, if used, and no, I do not understand photoshop do you write it? because sometimes surrounded by so many learned and intelligent posts this until I write it wrong, also because I'm nearsighted (not illiterate)

I like the illustration, I get by eyes like chocolate cake and cookies from my mother, I like to stifle and as much as I said the ingredients I can not make it, I just bought the Montero desserts, famous in the world, took an illustrator not can draw in me.
Manolo Blahnik tissue
I love fashion, I will not parade (hopefully) and Cybele (ojalaaaa) or send me an invitation to see the last show why do they do? but I refuse to tell me what I have to wear them because it put a stylist, writer or whatever, when I think it tastes awful, but of course I do not understand fashion

Anna Dello Russo and his boots, not designer, but made me sweat just thinking about having his feet there inside.

I love walking my city, and discover that in a building where nobody ever looks up, have decided to put one of the most colorful ads with mestizaje represent a city as London, incidentally, no, do not know who is the creator of the ad campaign but is an ad I like!!

and stand at a kiosk and buy a package while worms look how cute this Scarlett Johannsson with her new hairstyle and that is the skirt moniiisima , if I see only that, but sure I have God's forgiveness because I am not a blogger professional

god! Kiosks have wifi! And jacket only costs 9 euros!

I think I'm a little bite can you tell? but they have taught me that I am only one but of course no one but me and this is a daily learning, I learn every day and I will not give up (however pijajosa this today) to keep reading to people who admire deep well for me is flattering to know that I read, if not, it would be impossible to know how I am right?

Incidentally, I have not said and today I am that no one stop me, yes, Galliano is a genius, I keep reading it over and over again, but also said that Hitler was very intelligent and that does not mean that he was a murderer, of course, Galliano, surely, being as it is, a genius, you may not have escaped the gas chamber.
We will have other geniuses but enough of racism and prejudice.

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